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Crepidoma Consulting, LLC

crepidoma: the foundation on which the temple is constructed
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Crepidoma Consulting is founded on the principal of obtaining and sharing knowledge with the widest client audience possible in order that the built environments provided for the elderly will serve to enhance their quality of life today and into the future.

Helping our clients through the steps of building a strong foundation.


For more than 35 years, Jeffrey Anderzhon's passion has been to integrate the built environment in the care of the aging. He has a talent for understanding his clients' needs and operations and in utilizing that understanding to acheive solutions that reach beyond expectations from aesthetic, marketability and financial strength perspectives. He is a licensed architect in 24 states, served as the jury chair for the AIA/AAHSA collaborative Design for Aging Review, 7th Edition, and was the 2006 National Chair of the American Institute of Architects Design for Aging Knowledge Community. He is a member of the College of Fellows of The American Institute of Architects and an author of the books Design for Aging Post Occupancy Evaluations: Lessons Learned from Senior Living Environments that provides a detailed look into evidence-based design of 21 U.S. and 4 Scandinavian senior living environments and Design for Aging International Case Studies of Building and Program which provides in-depth perspectives of the relationships of environment and care program for 26 aged care facilities from around the world. He is a frequent presenter on quality environments for the elderly at national and international conferences.

For a curriculum vitae of Mr. Anderzhon, please click below:

Jeffrey Anderzhon's CV