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Crepidoma Consulting, LLC

crepidoma: the foundation on which the temple is constructed
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Crepidoma Consulting, LLC

Consulting Services for Environments for the Aging

Helping our clients through the steps of building a strong foundation:

  • Intensive Pre-design Programming
  • Visioning and Enabling Sessions
  • Built Environment Assessments
  • Strategic and Master Planning Services
  • Conceptual and Schematic Design Development
  • "Culture Change" Consulting
  • Campus Repositioning Consulting
  • Development Support
  • Owner Construction Representation
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations


The built environment is important to the quality of life of your residents, to the quality of care provided by your staff and to the quality of financial position you create. Careful consideration of that built environment can enhance all of these aspects of your program. Utilizing the collaborative services of Crepidoma Consulting provides direction to the successful confluence of program, finances, market position and built environment.

Contact us to explore how we can collaborate to benefit you, to benefit your clients and to benefit your bottom line.

Crepidoma Consulting, LLC

402.598.3167 V
6750 Westown Parkway

Suite 200-150

West Des Moines, IA 50266